From a young age, Elena Bonvicini was drawn to fashion as a means of self-expression. As she began thrifting and reworking vintage pieces with her grandmother during visits to Wisconsin, she developed a keen eye for style and a passion for up-cycling.
When she created a pair of cut-off shorts for herself and received an overwhelming response from her friends, Elena saw the potential to turn her hobby into a full-fledged business. She began selling her unique, upcycled jeans to classmates at her high school, and soon other schools in the area were clamoring to get their hands on a pair.

Recognizing the potential for growth, Elena took her business online and leveraged social media to expand her reach, while producing all of her garments exclusively in Los Angeles. With the help of influential figures in the fashion industry, she was able to establish EB Denim as a global brand with a loyal following.

Today EB Denim is renowned for its edgy, sustainable designs and has been featured on some of the biggest names in fashion, including Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Bella Hadid. The brand has also caught the attention of top retailers, and continues to push the boundaries with a full assortment of ready-to-wear denim pieces. Elena's passion for individuality and LA Made denim remains at the core of EB Denim's mission.


EB Denim is rooted in the reconstruction of vintage, made in America Levi 501s. We pride ourselves in our sustainable and ethical practices. Each pair of jeans is hand picked one by one and reconstructed in Los Angeles, California. We recycle all excess materials for other designs with not one piece going to waste. Denim is one of the few pieces in your closet that will only look better with time, and we guarantee with our unique reconstruction and flattering fit, they will never go out of style.

Although the core of our brand is upcycling, EB Denim has evolved its offering into a full range of high-end contemporary denim intricately designed and exclusively Made in LA.

EB Denim meticulously selects the highest quality natural fibers, innovative dyeing solutions, eco-finished buttons, and reclaimed leather patches setting the standard for contemporary denim.


We source our fabrics from our LA manufacturers parent company Artistic Milliners who are globally renowned for their quality and sustainable offerings. Using GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled cotton, and BCI cotton, we focus on sustainable growing practices, while supporting farmers and providing them with the education they need to sustainably manage their farms. Our goal is to increase biodiversity, eliminate toxic chemicals, provide a sustainable income for farmers, as well as ensure the health and safety of them.

We use reduced indigo which is a liquid versus a powder helping us save on the amount of dye, chemicals, and water used in the dyeing process. Our Mill partner Artistic Milliner treats 800,000 gallons of water per day. This recycles 85% of the water used in their AM 5 mill with the goal of recycling 92% by 2025.


We strive to replicate the perfect vintage washes using the latest technology on the market to achieve the perfect vintage fades without chemicals, water and excess energy. To achieve the perfect vintage replica, we use lasers to etch our wear patterns into every jean, combined with SFI's proprietary waterless technology called Clear Fade and Clear Vintage. The technology uses a ZDHC level-1 certified powder that eliminates the use of potassium permanganate and chlorine. On top of that, it requires no water or heat during the application process helping us reduce GHG emissions.

Our washing is done in downtown LA at Star Fades International.


Traditionally, buttons and rivets require metal plating that is done through an electroplating process consuming a considerable amount of electricity, water, and chemicals. Our partners eco-friendly dipping process is totally different requiring zero energy, as well as having a considerably low water and chemical input.

Our buttons are sourced from Art-N-Craft in Turkey.

Our reclaimed leather patches are sourced from Medike Landes in Germany.


We maintain close relationships with our manufacturing partners, and have complete visibility over the cut, sew and finishing process. We’re a quick 15 minutes from our partners which allows us to work collaboratively to ensure both parties are sharing the risk and reward, while ensuring the highest quality products.

Our cut and sew partners are located in downtown LA and friends of Star Fades International.