Our Story

When Elena was in high school she would stay with her grandparents in the Midwest every holiday. Her grandmother loved shopping for vintage objects, and Elena would drive her all over the Midwest, hopping between stores around Wisconsin and Minnesota. Her grandmother was usually on the hunt for kitchen knick knacks like casserole dishes, but Elena's attention was drawn to the clothing racks - especially men’s vintage Levi’s. So, she bought a few pairs and cut them into shorts. She began selling these cut-offs on her high school locker room floor, earning herself the nickname ‘EB Denim.’ Inspired by the enthusiastic response from her friends, she started taking sewing lessons with her mother. Realizing that there was a huge supply of men’s oversized jeans, and a finite supply of women’s jeans.  She reconstructed a pair of men’s jeans into a unique female fit. The OG jeans were born. Elena gifted these to influencers Chiara Ferragni and Danielle Bernstein, and to her surprise , they both wore them - showcasing the OGs to followers all around the world. To meet the increasing demand for sales, Elena put her jeans in the Newport Beach store, Jolie: the brand did so well there that she continued to sell there on consignment, and it’s still stocked there today. From there Elena began to branch out, creating new products like the two-tone jean, whilst continuing to market on social media and grow the brand. 

Elena’s no longer selling on a locker room floor - but you can find her styles on the Selfridges third floor, and even on Revolve, these days. Besides creating the it-girl denim, she wants to grow the brand into up-cycling of all different sorts, whether that be sweat sets or the reconstruction of vintage scarves into blouses and dresses. Sustainable fashion, and EB Denim, is here to stay.